Welcome to the world of Resibo natural skincare.

We created our brand keeping in mind the needs of all skin types. Regardless age, skin type or sex, your skin always has the same needs – thorough cleansing, intensive nourishing and deep moisturising. Composed of no less than 95% natural ingredients, Resibo skincare products are truly rich in healthy, active ingredients, making your skin healthier and more radiant day by day.



Our mission is to deliver beauty given by nature. We work also to mould a conscious consumption, to educate in ecology and to be active in a sustainable living movement. We promote female beauty, regardless of age or skin colour. Our key values are self-acceptance and holistic approach to beauty care.

All Resibo products are at least 95% natural and all packaging is 100% biodegradable. Our cosmetics are 100% vegan and have been awarded the PETA certificate awarded to companies that provide services of the highest quality, cruelty free and compatible with the lifestyle of vegans and vegetarians.